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Author Topic: What is "The Cream?"  (Read 4327 times)
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« on: January 01, 2010, 01:36:47 PM »

The internent is awesome. I don't think anyone can argue it's impact on our daily lives. But more than anything else the internet is a repository for some of the most F'ed up stuff in human existance. The kind of things that we used to experience maybe a few times in one rich life can now be shared throughout humanity for all of us to experience collectively.

From LOL'Cats to Motivational Posters to web exclusive content the bounty on the Web is rich and plentiful and only getting better each day.

The Web category on our main site is there to highlight web sites as a whole and really give an in depth review of that one site. The Cream on the other hand is a place for Remedial Comics staff to quickly point out something they found on the web that was particularly interesting without going into too much depth about the site itself.

I for one spend WAY too much time surfing the web on a pretty much daily basis. I see things that interest or I find amusing all the time and I always consider pointing them out to our viewers. Sometimes I Twitter about something if it is particularly interesting but for the most part many of these things simply go unmentioned because of the difficulty in updating the content portion of the site. It isn't really hard to add something to "The Web" but the formatting of the page, they way it's laid out, can have problems if the content I add is only a few lines. Plus we really haven't worked out how to add video or anything like that.

So I'm hoping to add all the great stuff I see here. And feel free to point out interesting stuff you find.

But remember to make sure it's really good, because there is tons of funny stuff on the web. But the cream always rises to the top. And that's what we want here. The cream.
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