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Author Topic: How It's Made (Discovery and Science Channel)  (Read 4491 times)
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« on: June 07, 2009, 05:06:53 PM »

This is a pretty cool show. It takes everyday products and shows how they are made. The only thing more amazing than watching some Guatemalan seamstress sew together a hockey glove is the fact that it's amazing watching a Guatemalan seamstress sew together a hockey glove. The show takes some pretty mundane things and really shines a light on the manufacturing process. Now my main reason for watching this show is probably a little off from the average fan. Remember when Bruce Campbell went back in time in "Army of Darkness" (if you don't know then just stop what you are doing and go watch the movie... it is purely awesome)? Well my plan is that when that happens to me; when I go back in time, due to my viewer ship of "How It's Made" I will be able to create/invent some amazing things and basically alter the fabric of time to set myself up as a god king. From watching this show I not only know how to make light bulbs... but I can make fluorescent light bulbs! I know, it's a plan with a few holes in it, but I think I can make it work once I'm actually in the dark ages.

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