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Author Topic: January 28th, 2009: "Say Hi to Libitina 'Libby' Morrigan"  (Read 2812 times)
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Too fast

« on: February 23, 2009, 02:42:52 AM »

Libby is Artur's on again/off again girlfriend. They've been together a long time and it seems from this comic that if Artur had his way they'd be a bit closer.

Libby is a professional singer so she travels a lot. But whenever she's home she gets together with Artur (who plays piano) and some friends and they play small shows locally. You can learn more about Libby and Artur's back story by checking out the Blogs of Artur Siedleski on his MySpace Page.

Libby is currently under contract with the USO to entertain the troops so she is traveling to military bases all over the world. Believe it or not the USO contracts with small entertainment acts all the time... it isn't just the big stars that entertain the troops, although those acts are usually the only ones we hear about in the news.

The USO has intersected in my life in a couple of interesting ways. When I was a soldier stationed in South Korea I was privileged to meet the late John Denver. He came up to meet with those of us on guard duty on the border of North Korea (inside the DMZ) because our duty was so sensitive we were not able to attend his concert at Warrior Base. It was unnecessary, dangerous and very classy of the guy to do that.

A few months later I was able to attend another small USO show put on by some talented college kids in which I was convinced to get up on stage and sing for the first time in my life. A chaplain heard me and the next thing I knew I was in a choir. I've been singing or doing voice work ever since.

I also had a friend at a factory where I worked (when I was working my way through college) whose band got one of these USO contracts and I remember how stoked he was that his little metal band was going to be able to tour through all of Europe entertaining the troops with their music. I've got a lot of love for the organization.

Does anyone care that former President Bill Clinton made millions from foreign sources? It seems like this is important because Hillary is now Secretary of State. Personally I don't really care where or how he makes his money as long as he isn't practicing law (lied under oath), lobbying (inappropriate since his wife is in public office) or pimping out access to his wife to special interest groups. The article goes on to make a big deal out of the fact that that he made in the area of six million in all of last year. Didn't Jim Carrey get paid $20 Million for that crappy "The Cable Guy" movie?

I don't know if you guys have ever heard of a web comic called "Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal" but whether you have or you haven't you should check out this comic that came out yesterday. I read a lot of other comics and you should too. This one nearly made me bust something... funny stuff.

That's it for today. I hope you guys have a good one. I'll see you back here Friday.

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