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Title: Wickie und die Starken Männer
Post by: Junodog on October 19, 2009, 12:22:11 PM
EDIT: Apparently the main character is supposed to be a boy.  I could have sworn it was a girl...  I mean, the word 'son' didn't appear in the movie anywhere as far as I could tell...  but all the places I've looked say Wickie's a boy, so I guess he just... looked super-feminine?

So I just watched this movie today, and despite my low level of German skills, I understood the entire plot and most of the jokes.  Yep, it's a kids' movie.  A pretty decent kids' movie, at that.  Sure, it's completely unrealistic in just about every way imaginable, but then again, it's a kid's movie.
Now, let's see what we've got here.  The main character is a little girl, Wickie (pronounced Vicky), who lives in a viking town and whose father is the head of the vikings.  She beats him in this contest using her wits, and he grudgingly lets her become a viking and gives her a viking hat/helmet/whatever.  Then these people come and attack their little village, and all the children but Wickie are kidnapped.  So, the movie is about saving all the other children.

It's a decent enough movie for adults as well, unless you demand that all your movies have complex plots and tear-jerking moments.  But then again, I am a sucker for kids' movies, so my judgment could very well be off, but the friend I invited to see it with me (who's 25) enjoyed it as well, so there you have it.  It gets points for being purposely ridiculous, but lacking in gross humor that seems to have invaded American kids' movies.

And here's a trailer that I won't translate because it's pretty self-explanatory: