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Title: Rooster Teeth Productions (
Post by: Rob on June 07, 2009, 05:14:51 PM
( Teeth is the home of the astonishingly popular "Red vs. Blue" Halo Machinima series. I've been a fan since attending a Barenaked Ladies concert in which Church and Simmons (characters from Red vs. Blue) introduced the band. Since those early days Rooster Teeth has become so much more than a few guys making funny Halo vids. With nearly three quarters of a million users, Machinima projects related to popular games like The Sims, Shadowrun and F.E.A.R., Original music by the resident band Trocadero, Achievement Hunter (a site dedicated to unlocking achievements and increasing gamer score), Rooster Teeth comics (drawn by the incredibly talented Luke McKay and Griffon Ramsey), top quality merch in their store and (a site dedicated to a mini-game created within Halo 3 that's a lot like soccer, only with hammers, bombs and death) the site has become a Mecca of entertainment. Once you create a profile you can post journals, pictures and videos of your own. You can make friends and interact on the forums. I've been a member and fan of the site for a long time. As TTL Quikthnkr I was commissioner of the Spring 2008 Grifball, league which afforded me the great pleasure of interacting with the RT staff a bit; so yes I may be a bit biased, but I wouldn't recommend the site if it wasn't top notch. Burnie Burns, Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey and the rest of the talented RT crew have made a home away from home on the web for a lot of creative and interesting people. If you aren't already a member there, what are you waiting for?